From 4 – 12 December, Nathalie and Hendrikje went to Guinee. The trip had two goals: we were part of the economical mission Belgium – Guinee and we visited TRIAS in Guinee, with whom we will most likely partner up in 2019.

During the economical mission, that was organized by Flanders Investment & Trade and it’s Walloon counterpart, we had a lot of interesting B2B and B2G meetings with possible partners in Guinee.

One of them is Osez Innover, an incubator that is based in Conakry (the capital of Guinee). Osez Innover focuses on sustainable entrepreneurship for youngsters. As there are many youngsters who flee Guinee to come to Europe, Osez Innover tries to fight this and give them opportunities to work and start their own entreprise.

During the second part, the visit to TRIAS in Kindia, we held meetings with the partners of TRIAS to get to know them and learn more about the local context. This was part of the creative research phase of our project with TRIAS – To be continued!

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