Dementia is a growing social problem.

A solution lies in the socialization of care – but to make this possible, informal carers are a crucial factors. But there lies a problem. The care for people with dementia is a lot more challenging than care for people without dementia.

The health of informal carers suffers from this. Assistive technologies on the market are insufficiently accessible, without the opportunity to experiment and often not introduced on time.

What do we want to accomplish with the project MONUMENT?
MONUMENT stands for MOre NUrturing and More Empowerment Nested in Technology.
The project wants to diminish the burden of informal carers of people living with dementia by professional and structural support of the informal carers and the use of tailor-made technological solutions.

The project aims to strengthen the resilience and perseverance of the informal carers so that people living with dementia can stay at home longer.

We realized this project with the following partners:

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