With the financial support of:

Connected.Dots is an inclusive design collective…

… which strengthens newcomers in their careers in the creative industry through art and design. We will work co-creatively and develop an online platform on which we share and sell the design products and stories. In addition, we organize exhibitions and inspiration routes so that the public ultimately enjoys the enrichment.

With our services, participants will:
• Develop their own (local) network
• Build up experience in the creative industry through design processes (skill development & expansion of their portfolio)
• Taking the first steps towards employment and / or entrepreneurship
• And offer workshops on diversity within the creative industry

In this way we create a unique forum that brings together newcomers and the creative industry.

As a design collective Connected.Dots has...

… a broader social vision: not only do we focus on the integration of newcomers, we also enrich our society through storytelling and workshops with art and design as a connecting element.

Connected.Dots starts as a design collective ...

... in Ghent together with the freelancers Doğa Gatos and Laura Caroen:

... and in Antwerp together with the freelancers en Laura Vargas en Sara Plantefève-Castryck:

Are you eager to know what we are going to do in CD? Are you a creative newcomer? Do you know creative newcomers? With a heart for art and design? And do you want to be part of an innovative design collective?
Well, here’s the good news: we are starting new workshops in September!

If you want more information about the workshops that will take place in Ghent - send an email to Nathan or call / sms / whatsapp to 0489 88 55 59!

If you want more information about the workshops that will take place in Antwerp - send an email to Hendrikje or call / sms / whatsapp to 0487 90 53 52!

0498 10 11 66