iDROPS in new, different times

We hope that everyone of you is healthy and safe within the COVID-19 crisis. We hope the same for your loved ones!

The new 'normal' in which we navigate during this pandemic ensures that we're facing a number of more than challenging weeks. As the COVID-19 situation changes, so will our plans. You probably already expected / saw it on our social media - but to provide more clarity, we mention it again: our public activities (information sessions, workshops, ...) will be canceled until further notice. The safety of our partners, our target groups, our team and our community is our main priority at this moment!

It's fantastic to see the initiatives of solidarity and connectedness these last week. A BIG applause for all those who are working in the healthcare industry. At iDROPS, we remain working from home and we think about the future.

If you have an innovative idea in mind - you can always let us know by email! We are very curious what you are doing!

If you still have urgent questions about the canceled activities, you can always contact us by mail (See above)!

Do you have any unanswered questions about Coronavirus? Surf to the website of the FOD Public Health or call 0800/14689

Stay safe!

0498 10 11 66