Nobody likes being sick for a long time. But sometimes that just happens. What is the best way to pick up the thread again towards the labor market? A process that requires appropriate guidance and customized coaching.

iDROPS, the Ghent office for social innovation, focuses on people. For all our projects we start from the problems of people. We tackle this together through the Human-Centered Design methodology. This is how we come to sustainable social innovation projects.

For a future project we are looking for people who are or have been ill for a long time. In the research phase we ask the participants to share their experiences and needs in the process of the long-term sick to the labor market.

  • What could be better?
  • What is / was good?
  • What else could be done in the future?
  • What do you think are the challenges?

Together with the participants we arrive at elements that will shape the project through co-creation. Who can better assess how appropriate guidance or coaching towards the labor market works best, than people who are or have been ill for a long time?

At this research stage we are absolutely DISCREET dealing with all participants and their stories. We do NOT use personal information for further purposes. Stories and information only serve to shape the project. With the aim of helping other long-term sick in their process from being long-term sick to reactivation.

We provide a kilometer allowance and a nice gift for every participant!

Would you like to contribute to this research or do you still have questions about this? Contact Nathan before 25 November ’19 or call 0489 / 88.55.59

0498 10 11 66