iDROPS is the partner in social innovation for governments, profit & non-profit organizations or companies. We organize and guide innovation processes around six societal challenges: Care, New Learning, Sustainability, Superdiversity, Global Innovation and Community Building. Together we install a sustainable change and we work on a viable, inclusive future. This way we also prepare your organization for the future. Participation is our most important asset!

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iDROPS = social innovation. We were founded in 2010. However the concept has been evolving in the imagination of Nathalie Goethals for much longer. She dreamed of building an organization that takes a practical approach on social innovation. Nathalie has been fascinated by everything that has to do with innovation since she was a child. She is driven to help people like a real problem solver.

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We are very excited about our partnership with iDROPS. They helped us outline a plan of action, in which both a local caregiver program, in cooperation with other professionals, could develop an action-oriented plan themselves. Their approach has undoubtedly given us a push in the right direction.
John-Nathan Hocepied – coördinator ontmoetingscentra – Stad Oostende

iDROPS guided us with their expertise in the field of informal caregiving. Now we can get on with it ourselves. The solution they offered means that we do not have to reinvent the wheel. Our input was also included and iDROPS developed this further. A nice synergy in our collaboration.
Mieke Vanderstraeten - public health and safety worker – OCMW & City of Roeselare

I really enjoyed our collaboration with iDROPS. We’re on the same page, in both dynamics and in practice. The most important thing is their dynamic, personal approach. They work very hands-on with people, I also see similarities with us in that. Not only do they talk the talk, but they walk the walk!
Sofie Beunen – Operational Manager Flanders - Microstart