Together with University of Antwerp and Service Design Network (SDN) Belgium!DROPS is organizing the Antwerp Summer University in July 2018: a summer school on Product-, Service- and System Design within the healthcare sector.

During this practical, inspiring and engaging 5-day program, professionals and master degree students will get acquainted with Human Centered Design, social innovation and the role of the creative sector within healthcare. They will be working on:

  • Digital storytelling and new media in the medical context
  • Human Centered Design and caregiving
  • Creative industries and care
  • Thematic sessions on psychiatry, neighbourhood care and migration and care
  • Personal wellbeing in work and daily life

Participants will be coming up with new ideas to implement innovation in the healthcare sector and will check the feasibility of these ideas through prototyping and testing. Throughout this process, they will be coached by product-, service- and system designers , social innovators, academic researchers, and multiple other experts. 


DAY 1 –  Digital storytelling and new media in the medical context

  • International keynote on the use of VR in the medical context
  • Panel discussion with experts: using VR and new media in the medical context
  • Hands-on workshop: new media and storytelling in healthcare

DAY 2 and 3 –  Human Centered Design and Caregiving

  • Fast forward through the Human Centered Design process
  • Case study background (methods, process and outcome)
  • Focusing on specific challenges that caregivers are facing today
  • Passing all stages: ideation, conceptualisation, prototyping, usertesting and pitching
  • Involvement of experts and experts by experience through the whole process

DAY 4 – Thematic Day

  • International Keynote on creative industries and care
  • Informal and peer-to-peer learning using the ‘unconference’ format
  • In-depth session with experts on ‘Psychiatry’ 
  • In-depth session with experts on ‘Neighborhood care’
  • In-depth session with experts on ‘Migration and care’

DAY 5 – Personal Wellbeing

  • Morning yoga session
  • Energy Lab on work/life balance
  • Meditation
  • Closing moment

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