Our project We For Talent is a sequel on the We For Work project from 2016, in which !DROPS helped vulnerable youngsters to prepare themselves for the labor market. With We For Talent, we focus even more on developing the talents, passions and dreams of the youth. We introduce them into the world of entrepreneurship and stimulate them to think about their ideal future.
We For Talent focuses itself on two geographical areas: the coast side (Knokke-Heist, Oostende and De Panne) and Vilvoorde


!DROPS actively visits youngsters with her brand new Talent Radio. Through this medium, young people can request songs, but they are also invited to have a comfortable conversation with the radio hosts. In this conversation, !DROPS focuses on matters that concern them, their passions, talents or even frustrations. Rapping, beatboxing and other creative expressions are also some of the endless possibilities.
The Talent Radio can be live gestreamd (if the youngsters agree on this) on our Facebook page.

You can find all podcasts on our Soundcloud pagina!

With this fun and accessible way of working, !DROPS proves youngsters that they can build a professional career, based on things they like, their strengths and their dreams. With We For Work, we noticed that the youth is very open, intrigued and attracted to radio. Music is – after all – a universal language.

Through encouragement and positive inspiration, we try to boost the self-esteem of vulnerable youngsters and convince them that they can work with their own talents. Parallel to this, we centralize acquaintance to create trust in a safe environment. This way, we get to know who these young people really are and what interests and concerns them.


Working with talents

The second phase of this project is a brainstorm with the passionate youngsters on their talents. Through this brainstorm, we cocreate an entrepreneurial idea, originated from their passion.
Next, the youth gets the chance to further shape their idea. In the end, they create a product or service based on what they really like doing.


During the cocreation proces, the youngsters are permanently supported. We also inform them on digital skills and the possibilities these offer. Even more, we offer different coaching sessions on digital skills, which can be useful for the youth and their project:

  • App development and coding
  • Gaming
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Making (hardware)

Not only do these youngsters, for example, get to know how to make prototype for their own app. !DROPS is convinced that these digital skills will also enforce the vulnerable youngster in their social and professional life. It will offer them more possibilities for the future, because these are the skills that will increasingly matter.

From talent to idea to concept…

… to prototype! After brainstorming, we start working with the idea. Parallel with the coaching session on digital skills, we also create a business model of the project, we discuss the look & feel and we teach the youngster how to pitch their idea. This enables them to present their enabled prototype to a jury with potential investors. And who knows, maybe their dream will come true…


Kolamela Vilvoorde

In 2017, we continue working with the Kolamela youth: they want to developed an app which connects young through soccer. You can watch their first pitch movie here:

Try-Out Vilvoorde

The youngsters of Try-Out shot a video clip for the song they wrote. Do you want to know what they’re rapping about? Check it out!

Under the Bridge Vilvoorde

We’re always looking forward going Under the Bridge in Vilvoorde. This is one of the hotspots for youngsters there, and we get why. This young man often comes here to work on his basket skills.

De Panne

Near the skating rink on the Koningsplein in De Panne, regular activities are organized for the youth, like this graffiti jam. Youngsters and real graffiti artists transform this skating ring into a graffiti heaven. We talked to some of these youngsters…



We do not believe in the traditional, entrenched views about our workplace. Until today, it requires certain skills and competencies of employees, but does it still fit within our new social and economic model? And how do young people see the jobs of the future? Looking for work, discovering your talents… for many young people it is a difficult task.

You can watch the part about We For Work starting from 6:10.


We For Work starts from the individual, the young person within the story. From there, young people, partners, experts, and coaches analyse the young people’s talents and passions, but also their future jobs, to come up with new ideas together, with the necessary skills and the available platforms and tools. From those young people’s talents and passions, we create businesses, apps, or other ideas, and we design them into a working prototype. During this process, the youngsters also learn future skills. Entrepreneurship, digital skills, cross-cultural exchange, and communications are constantly encouraged.


Through intervention, we seek their passions. Everyone has their own talent, and that is useful in the creative lab: in small teams, young people make plans for a private project they develop in a design lab. Our coaches are always ready to support them and teach them new skills. Eventually, the young people can pitch their prototypes to a jury.


Interventions: show us your talent

Today, companies and organizations evaluate whether young people are suitable for the job or fit the company, based on required qualifications. Young people do not always get the opportunity to introduce themselves, so the real talent may remain unnoticed.


We turn the tables and focus on young people’s talent with our mobile market stall. We listen to their story, what they really enjoy doing, and what they are good at. We print their talent on a poster and let them show it off. If they want, they can talk about their passion in a video or podcast.

Click on the photos below to watch the interviews about their passions:



Creative Labs: From dream to idea of the future

In the Creative Lab, everyone’s talent comes in handy. Small teams brainstorm about the idea derived from their talents and passions, and how and with whom they want to collaborate. Do they work in a virtual reality or together in one room? And what tools or people are indispensable?



Our experts share their knowledge and experience, think along with the young people, and are never too old to learn from young talent. Together, they work on their own project idea that is immediately given a name and a logo, such as Urban Design – a multimedia agency created by two young guys during We For Work in Mechelen:

Urban Design


Design labs: Co-creation of the prototype

This is where the youngsters turn their idea for an object, website, app, service, … into a prototype. Our experts assist them in implementing and defining the strategy so that they get a realistic picture of their concept.

Coaching: from support to realization

The coaches, for example from Hefboom, support every enthusiastic team. For three months, they sit together and provide the young people with advice on administration, organization, project management, communication, and finances.

That way, the young people are more confident and able to go to potential employers full of energy. They can be proud of the realisation of their own prototype! Our coaches help them continue to tell their story.

Pitchavond - WeForWork in Mechelen


Ready? The youngsters pitch their prototypes to a jury, but also in a short and clear video that ends up on our Social Pitchbox. That way, they can convince the outside world why their idea will catch on!

WINNER: Handy Plein!
Handy Plein is a handyman service that assists seniors in their neighborhood with all kinds of odd jobs.

Pitchavond - WeForWork in Mechelen

More info: www.weforwork.be