Innovation hubs in Africa have a lot to offer and are key players in local (economical) development. Because of that, !DROPS, Exchange vzw, Cisco Networking Academy & BiASC and mHub, Malawi, start a collaboration on digital technology and innovation hubs in Africa. With this project, we want to use technologie to co-create meaningful solutions for (some of) the social and economical challenges that mHub and its community are facing. By creating synergies and working together, we believe we can scale up our work and learn from each others’ best practices. 

In july, !DROPS and Cisco Networking Academy & BiASC are going to Lilongwe, Malawi to work together with the people and the community of mHub.


The project starts with two trainings in ‘Connecting things’ and ‘Big Data’. Both of these sessions are facilitated by Cisco Networking Academy & BiASC. With the knowledge and skills gained during the training, participants will be able to create digital solutions for the social and economical challenges within their community.


The next step is a hackaton, in which an idea is transformed into a working concept in the shortest possible time. During this hackaton we will work in a creative and innovative way to invent solutions for social and economical challanges in Lilongwe, Malawi. Participants will make a prototype, a project plan and a pitch. This pitch will be held in front of businessmen and -women, stakeholders from mHub and employees of the universities.


During a jam, the skills and knowledge of the trainings will be combined with the outcome of the hackaton to develop meaningful applications, games or other technological solutions. In addition, we will look for investors to launch and commercialize the solutions. With this project, we want to:

  • create a co-creation in business and technology between youngsters and their community
  • exchange innovative ideas and methods
  • develop new startups with youngsters and the community in and among mHub
  • train the troubleshooters of the future
  • ….

In co-creation with: