In 2015, Belgium received 35 476 requests for asylum, mainly for families and individuals from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.

In 2016, the number dwindled, but many people who applied in 2015 are still here. In refugee centres, their basic needs are met. !DROPS wants to take it a step further and considers this super-diversity a unique opportunity. We believe co-creation is the tool to tackle our society’s daily challenges in an innovative way.

Omar from NuNam


!DROPS believes that more and more people realize complex social issues can be resolved through a design process, due to the participatory involvement of citizens and people applying for citizenship, policymakers, and professionals from different backgrounds.


Innovation, creativity, and digital technologies can be the engine for social change in an urban context.

!DROPS wants to take these insights to We For Refugees and create a space for migrants and asylum seekers to generate hands-on, entrepreneurial ideas or actions, and to engage in multidisciplinary and cross-border collaborations.

!DROPS always works from a participatory methodology and human-centred designs.

Our starting point is the asylum seekers’ needs, talents, and passions. We take into account the psychosocial well-being and see super-diversity as the key to innovative co-creation.

Our designing process is always human-centred: we always start from the refugees’ needs and wishes. Together with them and other professionals, we look for solutions and plans that really matter.

We set up creative labs to generate ideas and design labs to implement ideas in projects where 21st-century skills are developed. We also offer personal coaching sessions in which we work on an action plan and a personal development plan.


The outcome will be very diverse and depends on the needs, talents, and skills of the people. Prototypes, ideas, action plans, policy changes, and much more can be the outcome of a fruitful co-creation.