Social Challenge

Due to ongoing conflicts, thousands of refugees arrive in Belgium each year. Awaiting their regularization, refugee shelters and other organizations meet the basic needs of these people. !DROPS takes it one step further. We see new chances in the diversity that comes with the refugee flow. With We For Refugees, we work together with refugees to come up with innovative solutions for the challenges they experience.

We For Refugees

We started this project in 2016 by providing a place where refugees and migrants could come up with hands-on entrepreneurial actions and ideas. Based on the needs, passions and talents of asylum seekers, we co-creatively developed several projects. Projects for which the refugees are now fully responsible. We ended the We For Refugees trajectory with personal coaching sessions for the interested participants.

Some results

          Video: Omed, eternal refugee (in collaboration with AP Hogeschool)

Appeared on De Redactie and in Gazet van Antwerpen.

          Video: Omar (in collaboration with Nunam)

          Travelling photo exhibition by photographer Annick Donkers

What now?

In 2018 a We For Refugees sequel launches, named Connected.Dots.

This project is made possible by the American Embassy.