Children and youth who suffer from long-term illness, often spend a lot of time in the hospital. Something that has become a lot less boring than it used to, thanks to the internet, smartphones and tablets. Watching screens remains a passive activity however and it’s not always very educational. And that’s where !DROPS sees a missed opportunity. Therefore, we bring Virtual Reality to the pediatric ward of the University Hospital of Ghent (UZ Gent).


With VR for Kids, we support, educate and activate children and youth suffering from long-term illness. Not only during their stay in the hospital, but also once they get back home. The visual technology of Virtual Reality offers the kids an interactive experience in an innovative way. Through compelling experiences in a virtual world, we encourage the youngsters to move, we prepare them for treatments and we try to influence their mood and behavior in a positive way by taking their minds away from their illness.

It is important that the virtual world to which the kids escape, corresponds as best as possible with their real world. That is why we let the youth create and develop this world themselves, following the Human Centered Design (HCD) process. This way, the youngsters co-decide on the content and the output of this virtual world and while doing so, they learn new and valuable digital skills.


This project starts soon. Results can be expected by the end of the year and during 2019. We will keep you updated!