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ESF PROJECT AZO… How to be a refugee and an entrepreneur in Flanders

‘Putting your talent to good use’

Having your own business, being your own boss, being responsible for your own income, … It’s a dream many people share, but only few actually take that step. Why wouldn’t you find out whether being an entrepreneur is your cup of tea? Together with 9 other partners, !DROPS is a member of the consortium ‘AZO’, which contributes to entrepreneurship among refugees. Within this project, !DROPS will create a course from Human Centred Design that will stimulate refugees to become entrepreneurs, based on their passions.


PHASE 1: Inspiration sessions and pre-labs

During this first phase, we meet people and ask them positively about their passions and talents, about what they feel like doing. We want to challenge them and discover their entrepreneurial potential. We use creative methods to do so. In this phase, we want refugees to start feeling like more than merely ‘refugees’: they are people with talents that we want to (re-)discover alongside them.

PHASE 2: Creative Lab

Phase 1 is followed by a Creative Lab, in which we come up with new ideas co-creatively through games. Inspired by several striking stories that we collected during our earlier work with the target group and the stories of the participants themselves, the participants brainstorm about their own project, in which they can put their talent to use.


PHASE 3: Design Lab

Next, those ideas materialise in a Design Lab into real visualisations/prototypes the participants can use. This is a crucial phase to shape the project effectively and make room for the participants’ passions and talents. Skillbuilding (digitally, creatively, crossculturally, …) is the priority in this phase.


PHASE 4: Coaching + referral

Finally, the participants can request coaching from us. In this phase, !DROPS is the ‘supplier’ for course guides in every province. We remain available and want to facilitate a warm transition. The number of coaching sessions depends on the individual. We offer tailor-made solutions so we can provide the best referral in cooperation with the course guide.

In this course, !DROPS focuses on working from your own interests and passions. We want to challenge people to discover their entrepreneurial potential. We aim to deliver participants who found a business they are passionate and enthusiastic about.


For more information about the project: http://projectazo.be/