Since 2015, many refugees have arrived in Belgium. This means our country has gained a lot of potential talent. !DROPS feels like it would be a waste to not use this talent. That’s why we founded the consortium AZO, together with nine other partners. With AZO, we work on entrepreneurship among refugees. Within this project, !DROPS practices the Human-Centered Design methodology. This means that refugees are encouraged to start a business, based on their passions and talents.


PHASE 1: Inspirational sessions and Prelabs

During the first phase, we get to know the participants and use creative methods to reveal their passions and talents: what would they really like to do? We encourage the participants to challenge themselves in order to discover their entrepreneurial potential. It is important to us that our participants feel like they are more than ‘just a refugee’: like any other person, they have many valuable qualities which we want to (re)discover with them.

PHASE 2: Creative Lab

Phase 1 is followed by a Creative Lab in which we end up with new ideas by working playfully and co-creatively. We inspire the participants with inspirational stories we’ve gathered during our previous projects with refugees and the stories of the participants themselves. Based on these stories, the participants brainstorm and decide on their own project in which their talents prove to be useful.


PHASE 3: Design Lab

During the Design Lab, ideas are transformed into real prototypes. During this important phase, refugees use their talents to really visualize their project. We place a great emphasis on skill building (digital, creative, cross cultural, …) during this phase.

FASE 4: Coaching & Referrals

At the end of the trajectory, participants who want to turn their idea into a real company, can request coaching. !DROPS acts as a supplier for the program counselors and we match individuals with to the ideal coach for their business. The number of coaching sessions differs from person to person, because we always work according to the participants needs. !DROPS also remains available at all times to ensure a warm transition.


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Interesting example: Mariply en Andres 

Within this project, !DROPS emphasizes working with enthusiasm, based on one’s own passions. We challenge individuals to discover their entrepreneurial potential and deliver participants who start their own business, which they run with passion.

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