Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) often experience difficulties in explaining their emotions and thoughts to others. During a previous !DROPS project, we discovered those kids are very visual and particularly interested in the digital world. Virtual Power combines those two and teaches children with ASD to express themselves, by using digital storytelling.


Through creative workshops, the children get acquainted with several digital tools, like QR codes and Virtual Reality. Subsequently, they get to work while using the hack-your-environment method, in which the children capture their environment in their own way. They do this, among other things, by creating a digital comic book from A to Z. The group also experiments with lightpainting. Ultimately, the kids also learn to work with Virtual Reality, for which they have to think and draw in another perspective. Using VR, the children create their own dream world with drawings and they also make 360-degree photos to introduce themselves.


The project ends with the Hack-Your-Centre Conference, where the kids show their designed product to family and friends. The results are very diverse and offer us an insight in the minds and hearts of children with ASD. This project turned out to be an enrichment for both the participating children and the outsiders. Even now, after the project is finished, the children still use their acquired skills to express themselves.

Kyano’s comic strip:


Drawing in VR

Mylene introduces herself with a VR photo


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