We’re living in a digital era, but not everyone has access to the digital world. With Studio Digital, !DROPS inspires, trains and coaches vulnerable people (like refugees and people struggling with addiction) in digital skills. We guide the groups in the development of their own projects and we offer them access to long-term initiatives and training programs like BeCode. With this, !DROPS works on digital inclusion in a superdiverse society.


We inspire the participants through creative sessions and introduce them to several digital skills: apps & coding, gaming, making and Internet of Things (IoT). We then offer them an in-depth trajectory in one of these skills, based on the passions and choices of the participating group. During this trajectory, the participants come up with an idea for their own project. At this stage, !DROPS really emphasizes entrepreneurship, stimulating the group to actually develop their project. We also guide them in doing so. In 2017, !DROPS facilitated Studio Digital trajectories on five different locations in Flanders, Belgium. In 2018 we take it one step further and organize the workshops on 13 locations in Flanders.


During the different workshop series in 2017, the participating groups created several great products. A group of young people struggling with addiction created The Flexibelle: a lamp that changes color and shape. People living in the refugee center of Sint-Niklaas developed their own videogames, which you can play here. Other refugees created an entire arcade game from scratch. And vulnerable young people at the coast built their own speakers by using recycled materials.
At the end of the trajectories, participants pitch their project ideas and prototypes to a jury. Constructive feedback and referrals are the main focus here. By focusing on this, the prototypes can grow into real products.

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