With Studio Digital, !DROPS tries to inspire, train and coach socially vulnerable groups of people (refugees, socially vulnerable youngsters and people struggling with addiction) in digital skills. In an accessible way, we guide groups in creating their own project and we provide them with access to long-term initiatives and training, like BeCode. With Studio Digital, !DROPS wants to work on digital inclusion in a superdiverse society.


Through creative sessions, we inspire participants and introduce them to digital skills (apps & coding, gaming, making and IoT). Next, we offer an in-dept trajectory of one of these digital skills, depending on the passion and choice of the participant. During this in-dept trajectory, even more skills are taught and the participants create their own project.
Aside from teaching digital skills, Studio Digital also focuses on talent development and entrepreneurship. With this, we stimulate participants to actually convert their ideas into actions. A process we assist them with.


At the end of the trajectory, the different ideas and prototypes are pitched to a jury. Constructive feedback and referrals are the main focus of the jury. This way, prototypes can become real products.