Commissioned by ARhus Knowledge Centre, Roeselare


The geopolitical developments of recent years have forced people to leave their homes and to look for less life-threatening whereabouts, first and foremost in the Middle East, but also in Europe. Both these groups of people as well as the local population will benefit from knowledge about the specific problems they, and in addition migrants, encounter in the national education systems and the local economy. This is the starting point of the European cooperation project SIREE, which brings together various organisations from Belgium, the Netherlands, France and the UK.


The SIREE project will implement a new method, based on co-creation, which can be used on the one hand to promote integration in education and on the other hand to stimulate and commit refugees and migrants to start their own businesses. As the official partner of the project, the ARhus Knowledge Centre has invited !DROPS to support them in the part entrepreneurship: this concernes both mapping the difficulties that refugees and migrants encounter when starting their own business, as well as mapping the expertise and support that already exists for refugees and migrants in the mentioned countries. To this end, !DROPS will make use of its experience and network in Belgium in the field of refugees and migrants.


In addition to the development and testing of a new methodology for mapping the needs and opportunities of a specific population group, a trans-regional web platform will be set up which will contain information and training material for refugees and migrants in the field of entrepreneurship. Their integration into existing entrepreneurial networks is also one of the objectives. Finally, in this project, !DROPS focuses once more on stimulating the talents and opportunities of people, and their optimal contribution to society as a whole.