When it comes to poverty, more and more cries for help can be heard from both people living in poverty and social services. A lot of struggling people don’t receive the help they need and social workers can’t handle the workload anymore. Time for action!


In 2017, !DROPS and the province of West-Flanders organized a day where people living in poverty, poverty organizations and social services came together. All parties exchanged thoughts and came up with concrete ideas to draw attention to the current poverty challenge.


Based on the gathered input, !DROPS and communication agency Cojak created the large-scale communication campaign ‘We are not robots’. The purpose is to shine a light on the poverty problem and to demand a more humane approach from the government. Musician Wally (from TouristLeMC) helped us with this by creating the campaign song ‘Circles’.


As part of the campaign, !DROPS and people living in poverty created a manifesto, which has already been signed hundreds of times. ‘We are no robots’ ended in February 2018 with a big march through the streets of Brussels, where we delivering the manifesto to Jo Vandeurzen, minister of Well-being and Public Health.


Do you believe that people living in poverty deserve to be treated like actual human beings? Sign the manifesto here!


Cover image: © Jomme Knooren
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