Social challenge

Flanders is known for its increasing diversity. Not only the numbers of people with a migration background are on the rise, but also the internal diversity within those groups. Hence, ‘migration’ and ‘integration’ have become key concepts in our current society.

With PeaceCraft, !DROPS and U Move 4 Peace (UM4P) want to focus on the intercultural dialogue by bringing the stories of young refugees to schools, associations, and cultural organizations. We do this by means of an online game and an interactive play.

Incubate: collecting stories

We organized creative workshops with young refugees in the Red Cross refugee center of Linkeroever. During these workshops, we created a safe framework in which the teenagers were heard and being empowered in a respectful way. During these workshops, we got to know the young people and their stories. Stories about life in their country of origin, their flight, and life as a refugee after arriving in Belgium. These stories are the foundation for both the online game and theatre play.


Interactive game

Together with the teenagers and game developer Poppins & Wayne, we developed the game during creative- and design labs. The game focuses on the situation in the young refugees’ country of origin and on the route they followed. People who play the game are forced to make difficult choices: the same choices refugees face. With the game, we want to inform by focusing on ‘personally experiencing’ what young refugees have gone through.

Participatory play

With the youngsters’ stories, UM4P created a participative theatre performance. The play is brought by freelance actors with a migration background and focuses on difficult situations young refugees face here in Belgium, related to integration, multiculturalism, and insecurity. The audience is actively involved during the performance and puts strategies to the test on stage.

Harvest: PeaceCraft on Tour

The PeaceCraft play premiered on November 15, 2017. 110 people witnessed it firsthand. The game could also be tested for the very first time during our world kitchen buffet (provided by three refugee women).

As from 2018, both the game and the play is offered to schools, cultural centers and other organizations.

Do you want to order the game or book the theatre play? Go to our PeaceCraft Website, where you’ll find all the info you need!