Period: 2016 – 2018


Flanders is known for its increasing diversity. Not only the number of foreigners and people of foreign origin is on the rise, but also the internal diversity within those groups. Hence, migration and integration are central terms in our current society, both for policies, the media, the world of research, and the wider society (Flemish migration and integration monitor 2015).
With PeaceCraft – Play to Change, !DROPS and U Move 4 Peace (UM4P) want to focus on the intercultural dialogue to sensitise schools, associations, and cultural organisations to the maximum. We do that by telling the stories of refugees through an interactive game and a participatory theatre performance.

Incubate: collecting stories

Together with the youngsters from refugee centre Rode Kruis on the Linkeroever, we collect stories in creative sessions about their lives in their countries of origin, the period in which they fled, and their lives after arriving in Belgium. We create a safe framework in which they can be heard and empowered respectfully. The stories are the foundation of the development of the game and theatre performance.


Interactive game

!DROPS and Poppins & Wayne continue working with the youngsters on the development of the game in creative labs and design labs. The game focuses on the situation in the youngster’s country of origin and the route they followed. People who play the game will be confronted with choices the youngsters also had to struggle with. The game wants to be informative with a low threshold and focuses on ‘personally experiencing’ what young refugees have effectively lived through.

Participatory theatre performance

With the youngsters’ stories, UM4P creates a participative theatre performance performed by freelance actors with a migration background. They can literally and figuratively incorporate the situation. The theatre focuses on difficult situations these youngsters face here in Belgium, related to integration, multiculturalism, and insecurity. The audience is actively involved during the performance and tests strategies on stage. The theatre becomes a place of practice for reality. More information about UM4P:

Harvest: PeaceCraft on Tour

The game and the theatre performance will be offered to schools, cultural centres, and other organisations from 2018. You can start ordering them from summer 2017.
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