Youth participation & policy suggestions

The project ‘Our Democratic Europe’ wants to educate young people between 14 and 18 years old to become the ambassadors of the future. This project takes place in Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, and Denmark. Each country gives 25 people the opportunity to join the project. From that group, a task force will be selected and set up. They will be responsible for the organisation of the project. The youngsters will participate in workshops, labs, and much more. During those workshops, they will learn skills like how to conduct a meeting or make good presentations.

The group will think, talk, and work on topics such as education, climate change, poverty, and innovation. First, there is a regional seminar for every theme, during which all 40 youngsters enter into a debate.

A couple of weeks after every regional seminar, there will be an international seminar. During that seminar, the task force will represent the group’s ideas and proposals. The four international seminars will take place in each of the participating countries. Belgium will host the final seminar, in February 2018.


International dialogue

The project aims to create a dialogue and meetings between young people, entrepreneurs, and policymakers on different levels. Together, they will think about Europe and its future and co-create solutions for that future. Simultaneously, they will try to convince their friends, other policymakers, and the media of the importance of youth participation.


A future by and for young people

The end results of the seminars and meetings will be an overview of important ideas, proposals, and suggestions to increasingly involve youngsters in the decision-making process for the future of Europe. Eventually, the young participants will officially hand this document over to the European Commission.

!DROPS manages this project in cooperation with ARhus and coordinates, organises, and facilitates it in co-creation with the young participants.
This project is set up by ARhus, Roeselare’s knowledge centre. Together with the Broere libraries, they take it upon them to make people reflect on society and its future in a neutral environment. Bruno Daems, who is responsible for this project within ARhus, is convinced that youngsters are the ones who should shape the future of Europe.

“Since Brexit, Europe is at a turning point. For many youngsters, Europe feels like something far away. We consider it our task to promote active citizenship. With this project, we want to encourage and stimulate youngsters to think about the future,” Bruno Daems.

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