Something is not right.

Today, more than 1 billion people in the world suffer from starvation.

We cannot accept this.

Rauw & Onbesproken’ sends out a call together with !DROPS to think about solutions to food shortages and surpluses.

Think about it …

Everyone should have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food, at any time. Food that also satisfies needs and preferences, so that each person can lead an active, healthy life.

And that while …

Moreover, we all simply throw away too much food!

Be a Food Fighter!

Our call-to-action received lots of reactions from youth organisations and schools that also wanted to end this crooked situation. Together, they want to find innovative solutions to food shortages and surpluses.


Creative labs: from an idea to a concept

We organised more than 20 creative labs throughout Flanders and reached more than 500 youngsters to create innovative digital solutions together.

During those sessions, hundreds of ideas were created. Eventually, 84 strong concepts were explored via paper prototyping. A digital application to help farmers, a fun TV quiz with tasting sessions of leftovers, a leftover book full of tips and tricks, market places for the short chain, a tool to encourage restaurants to get rid of leftovers, etc. You name it!

Nowasteland Jury

An amazing professional jury had the difficult responsibility to select three winners out of all those concepts. The winners would get the opportunity to further develop their concept with some guidance. Act4Change, Youca, and Globelink studied the concepts and made their final decision…


Those three winners were coached during the first steps of developing their digital application. Together with CoderDojo, the youngsters followed App Inventor sessions in which they familiarised themselves with the basic principles of programming and worked on a basic model of their application with professional IT workers.

The icing on the cake? Based on the session output, a professional design agency created a graphic design for the prototype!


Time to introduce the three winners!

RA(APP) – Jeugdhuis Jong Geweld Turnhout

Part of the harvest is always left on farmers’ fields. RA(APP) is an app that farmers can use to register and indicate on what days people can come pick up some of the harvest and how many people are welcome.

That way, the farmers end up with a clean field and the pickers can pick fruit and vegetables for a low price. A win-win situation!

RESTISBEST – Steinerschool Hibernia Antwerpen

RestIsBest will inspire you to do something with your leftovers. Indicate what leftovers you have lying around and receive tailor-made recipes for your leftovers.

Filter by the number of people, the type of dish, whether you want to buy additional ingredients. Share your meals with others or look for leftovers in your neighbourhood!

By the students of class 10.

Eat Without Waste – Koninklijk Atheneum Schoten

Eat Without Waste (EWW) is a restaurant app customers can use to decide what size they want their serving to be (% rice, chicken, sauce).

Restaurants that are more aware of how they deal with food and that use food surpluses in the kitchen receive a ‘no waste label‘. They also have a day of leftovers!

By the students of the seventh year Logistics.

During the session at the Koninklijk Atheneum Schoten, we received visits from the press. You can watch the coverage by ATV here.


Download the information files of the three Nowasteland winners below!