Since the period from summer 2015 to summer 2016, plenty of refugees have been waiting for an answer in their procedure. That is taking its toll. Many refugees are in need of a psychosocial framework to deal with that situation (as well as with other things, such as post-traumatic stress, the situation in their homeland, …). On the other hand, plenty of people in Belgium are looking for ways to feel good and to discover what gives them energy. We want to work on that and create an exchange in which, together, we explore methods (yoga, meditation, drawing, solution-minded coaching, …) that can contribute to psychosocial well-being. Working from the bottom up and in co-creation will be the most effective way to increase well-being.
Moreover, it can be a successful experience for the people we work with, and it improves the integration of refugees on a very personal level.


– PHASE 1: We assemble refugees and citizens from Belgium for two sessions, during which they can take various workshops about yoga, meditation, expression, …
The threshold for this activity will be very low. People are free to choose how often they want to join.

– PHASE 2: We enter into a dialogue with interested people and invite them to give their own workshops about methods they know. That way, they can work on their own well-being. Both citizens from Belgium and refugees can take turns in leading a workshop. We will offer the necessary guidance and give everyone the opportunity to offer a workshop.


– PHASE 3: In the final phase, we will coach and guide volunteers that want to continue offering workshops. We focus on intercultural skills, exchange, and talent development. Moreover, we cater to the needs.

Our aim for this project is to work effectively on the well-being of refugees and people from Belgium. Our experience tells us many people battle psychosocial challenges they cannot always handle on their own. Professional help is still not (sufficiently) available, and the threshold is often too high. We want to use this project to create an offer that generates a positive impact with a low threshold and make sure that refugees and people from Belgium feel better about themselves.

We want to design this process in a human-centred way and shape it as a bottom-up story in co-creation. That way, we want to contribute to empowerment, a successful experience, and most importantly, integration and cross-cultural learning from others.