In the fashion industry, plenty of things go wrong. In the global south, employees are exploited, child labour still exists, jeans are made with lots of water, … Those are only a couple of examples of all the bad things going on in the fashion industry nowadays.


To act and do something about this, !DROPS started the Fashion Challenges. We want to challenge youngsters of diverse backgrounds, ages, fields of interest, … to tackle these issues in a creative and innovative way.

More specifically, we challenged them to find solutions for the following case studies:

  1. ILKECOP would like to see more circularity in their production and wants to do this in a creative and innovative way.
  2. JBC is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation and wants to communicate this more to their clients. They want to find fun, creative, and effective ways to do so.


Through 3 creative labs, the youngsters could work to find creative solutions for those challenges. We worked with innovative brainstorm techniques and made paper prototypes out of the best ideas.


It was quite challenging to find young people who wanted to join this challenge. Eventually, we did a brainstorm on ILKECOP’s challenge.

Here are some of the innovative ideas they came up with:

  • A cool design on ILKECOP’s sweaters explaining how the sweater is made and what to do with it once you don’t wear it anymore
  • A movie/podcast in the fitting rooms explaining what to do with your sweater once you don’t wear it anymore
  • A workshop from ILKECOP to learn what do with your sweater once you don’t wear it anymore
  • A masterclass at university to inform fashion students about circularity in fashion

These ideas were presented to ILKECOP. In collaboration with their intern (who won the fashion challenges), some of the ideas will be developed.