The future of journalism and other forms of storytelling is cross-media, but this medium is still in full development. !DROPS takes the opportunity to help shape the evolution of this new medium, called Interactive Factuals. We do this by offering a training program for the new generation of storytellers: !F LAB.

!F LAB is short for Interactive Factual Lab and is a hands-on training in interactive storytelling. The training is meant for creative media professionals – like journalists, photographers, coders, documentary makers and graphic designers – who want to draw attention to social challenges in an interactive way. During every step of the production process, in which the participants transform their story into an interactive prototype, coaching is provided by several experts in the field. Additionally, participants also learn how to write a financial plan and a marketing strategy.



!F Lab is based on the understanding that there are no fixed rules yet, when it comes to Interactive Narratives. Therefore, developers still experience a lot of freedom. Participants learn through practical experimentation, because !F LAB offers them the freedom and space to practice. This way, we explore and develop ideas to interactively talk about social challenges.

Rather than borrowing ill-adapted methodologies from documentary formats, !F Lab looks for modernization in the way a story is brought. We do this by following an original and innovative process, with an emphasis on the user and the experience.


The first edition of !F LAB took place in 2015. Since then, we’ve trained over 60 people in developing their own interactive factual. 2018 will again be an !F LAB year: for the 4th time already, we get together with creative media professionals from all over the world. Participants from our previous editions are definitely enthusiastic.


Curious to see some of the projects that were enabled with !F Lab’s help?

Shirin Anlen – Tzina Symphony of Longing (produced for and selected by IDFA 2016)
Jill Vanparys – Ava – Trix
Britt Wray – Aurato

Want to know more about !F LAB or want to participate? Go to www.iflab.net.

!F LAB is an !DROPS initiative, led by Sandra Gaudenzi and delivered with support from Creative Europe.