Every year, approximately 2 million tons of food go to waste in Flanders, of which the majority is still edible. Nevertheless, many people suffer from hunger. Also in the Westhoek – a Belgian region – quite a large amount of food ends up in the garbage. Together with local partners, !DROPS develops some concrete solutions which ensure that food surpluses find their way to those in need.


Together with committed local residents, we map the current problems and the existing food surpluses in the participating towns. Subsequently, the residents go looking for possible solutions during six creative sessions. While doing this, they keep the possibilities of modern technology in mind. This lead to some interesting suggestions, like a local collaboration between merchants and the existing social economy or info sessions for food producers.


The results of the creative sessions are processed by !DROPS. Once processed, several of the results are combined in order to achieve the best possible solution. Currently, !DROPS is developing this final product, after which it will be tested in the participating towns. Once the product is fully ready, it will be offered to other towns and cities. This way, food surpluses across Flanders can locally be redistributed to people who can use them.

This project is made possible by: