Our very own team member Jens attended the fourth TCP forum and tells us all about it…

What Is TCP?

The TCP forum has just been organised for the fourth consecutive year. This time, it took place in Budapest. TCP, or “Towards Collaborative Action”, is an event across sectors that offers an interactive and dynamic space where participants can exchange experiences, methods, networks, innovative ideas, and projects. That way, the forum wants to explore the potential of youth work in order to support social innovation and entrepreneurship. This time the event focussed on cooperation within the ecosystem of social entrepreneurship and sustainability.

How Was !DROPS Involved?

I gave a workshop in which I presented our way of working and our methods. As the person responsible for our topic New Learning, and hence the person who handles most of the youth projects, I considered this a great opportunity.

The Workshop

The workshop offered an interactive experience around co-creation, and more specifically, talent development and a positive visualisation of the self. Because if you really want to co-create, it is best to start from yourself. Who am I? What am I good at? Oh, it’s okay and fun to share this with others. To whom and to what ideas can I link this now? 

The Methodology

During the workshop, I introduced the methodology of “human-centred design” and how !DROPS has internalised it. In this methodology, we put creativity, humanity, and positivity first. With culture and technology as reinforcing tools, you can split the methodology into the following steps:

1. Talent Development

2. Creative Labs

3. Design Labs

4. Prototyping

5. Testing

6. Prototyping

7. Pitching

8. Implementation

9. Impact measurement


Here we focused on the beginning phase. The first step was for everyone to think about themselves and to visualise four talents, a passion, and a dream. Everyone created a small artwork around those aspects. Then those aspects were discussed with the group, which is not an easy thing to do – after all, we are not used to talking about ourselves in a positive light. However, if you want to create innovative and positive solutions, it is best to start with a positive self-image.

Next, people who connected started working in groups of two. The groups had to put down four consecutive solutions to a specific issue in a raster. The issue at hand was finding sustainable solutions to increase personal happiness. Afterwards, the groups had time to discuss all of the ideas and choose the best one (or a combination). At the end of the workshop, the chosen creative and innovative ideas were presented.

From Talent Development to Innovation

This workshop clarifies how talent development and a creative phase can be combined to create innovative, social solutions within a co-creative methodology – from start to implementation.

The participants were over the moon. Some of them called the workshop the highlight of their week. This is what Yeah (pictured above) thought about it:

“Although I came in the room moody in the continuation of my difficult morning, I left with a big smile. Thank you!”

After this informative and inspiring morning, I visited “Share”, a social enterprise that distributes beer. The profits go to charity. A tasty idea that I will definitely take back with me to Belgium!