December 21, 2017
At !DROPS we love change. We respond to it with human-centred innovation, which we build in cooperation with people. That is our human touch.

The Human Touch, the event to get to know our !DROPS methodology, is back! Even better: it’ll be a monthly event in 2018. The first edition next year, on February 22, takes place in the Watt Factory in Ghent from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Register now, because places are limited!

Topic: City Systems Design

Systems thinking is a way of seeing the world as an interconnected network of relationships. Problems never exist in isolation; they are always surrounded by other problems.

City Systems Thinking brings this point of view to the city. Cities face complex challenges. People who want to change the city in a positive way could often use help to visualise and untangle this complexity. This workshop is an experiment in developing creative tools to help them (and us) do that.

Register quickly, because places are limited!