30 March 2018

On March 29, !DROPS welcomed about 50 enthusiastic participants to its first Human Touch Event of 2018.

‘How can I use my passions and talents during my daily activities?’ That was the main question of the evening.

Two inspirational speakers proved to the participants that it’s possible to work from your own passions.

Jill Vanparys talked about time and its irrelevance when you do something you really love doing. Winnie Poncelet (ReaGent) held a keynote on how one should always make time for hobbies and how those hobbies can unexpectedly lead to a professional career.

Apart from inspiring the participants, our speakers also encouraged them to actively look for ways to implement their passions and talents in their daily lives, both professionally and beyond.

During a workshop and using creative methods, the participants did just that. In small groups, they came up with concrete ideas to use their strengths. At the end of the night, each group pitched their idea to the others. Afterwards, everybody could discuss or network over drinks.