Annick Donkers’ photography exhibition provides images to support the story of Omed, a Kurdish refugee who ended up in Antwerp. The images are silent moments in Omed’s daily life. Objects and scenes let you feel the desolation of life as a refugee.

With this exhibition, !DROPS wants to make people aware of the presence of refugees and the challenges they face.

You are very welcome.

This photography exhibition can be visited from Monday 15 October to Friday 19 October at Madam Fortuna, Sergeyselsstraat 20, 2140 Antwerp.


We would like to invite you to the opening on Thursday 18 October at 6 p.m., during which !DROPS will discuss the background of the pictures and the exhibition’s goals.


!DROPS is a social innovation agency. As a creative collective, we want to tackle important social issues. We create innovative solutions for the social challenges we all encounter. We facilitate, we create, we think, we do, and we see the cultural and digital worlds as tools to enhance positive change. We work on a multidisciplinary level, and we believe in ‘the power of the people’. We collaborate to develop long-term results for a bright 21st century. We simultaneously work close to our home and beyond international borders.
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Annick Donckers is a documentary photographer from Antwerp. She is currently living in Mexico. She has had several exhibitions, in Belgium, Mexico, and the United States. Social themes are very often the subject of her work.

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