On 4 December, !DROPS will be at the Build Peace conference in Bogotá, Colombia. Together with our Colombian colleagues from Value4Chain, we will facilitate the workshop ‘Co-innovating a social design brand’. During this co-creation process, we work with people from all over the world and artisans from the #Wounan community. We invite participants to co-create solutions for the challenges of the artisans who were victims of the conflicts in Colombia.

Based on research of the artisans in and around Bogotá, participants of this workshop will go through the process of prototyping creative ideas and concepts that can be part of the social design brand. This workshop is a creative lab in which we will implement the principles of Design Thinking and Human-Centered Design. Creative workgroups will be organized, involving rural entrepreneurs. As part of the process, these entrepreneurs will travel to Bogotá and attend the Build Peace conference in order to share the needs, problems, and opportunities they come across in their daily life. Through the dynamics of ideation, the teams will look for alternatives to improve their lives and crafts.

!DROPS will facilitate and coordinate the further process of developing the social design brand, based on the outcome of the workshop.