Design by Refugees, for Refugees

Connected.Dots, the !DROPS project on skillbuilding for & by refugees, will come to an end for this year.
We want to invite you to our closing event, to talk about and see what we’ve done, why we did it and how we did it.
We’re also very curious to hear about your work and exchange about the work you do!

On the program on the 22nd of October:
18u: Doors open & drinks to get to know each other
18u30: Intro on Connected.Dots and what we’ve learned from it
19u: Joke Vandenabeele, co-autor of the book ‘Solidarity in Superdiversity’ will zoom into how we can be more solidair in a superdiverse society
19u30 – 20u30: Networking moment with drinks & bites

This event is for free!

Please inform us about your presence:

Place to be:
Huis van het Nederlands
Philippe de Champagnestraat 23
1000 Brussel
(10 minutes walk from Brussels South Station)

About Connected.Dots
With Connected.Dots, !DROPS works on three objectives:
1. Raising awareness on refugees in Belgian society
2. Empowering Refugees
3. Supporting refugees in developing certain skills
We achieve this through several tracks on supporting passions and talents, skill
building and developing services and experiments. During these tracks, we
focus on subjects like digital media, design and cooking, arts and crafts,
entrepreneurship and personal wellbeing.

About !DROPS
!DROPS is a social innovation agency. As a creative collective we want to tackle important social issues. We create innovative solutions for the social challenges we all encounter. We facilitate, we create, we think, we do, and we see the cultural and digital worlds as tools to enhance positive change. We work on a multidisciplinary level, and we believe in ‘the power of the people’. We collaborate to develop long-term results for a bright 21st century. We simultaneously work close to our home and beyond international borders.