We are !DROPS, a social innovation agency for profit and nonprofit organisations.

We work with you to create innovative solutions to social issues.

Focus on People & Results

As a creative collective, we want to tackle important social issues. We create innovative solutions for the social challenges we all encounter. We facilitate, we create, we think, we do, and we see the cultural and digital worlds as tools to enhance positive change. We work on a multidisciplinary level, and we believe in ‘the power of the people’. We collaborate to develop long-term results for a bright 21st century. We simultaneously work close to our home and beyond international borders.

How Do We Go About That?

Creating solutions for and with people

The !DROPS methodology is based on Human-Centered Design. We work with partners and people with certain needs to create solutions, products, and services that make a real difference. Our processes are iterative: through repetition, we improve and refine our results. Culture and digitalism are a central part of our work.

Our guideline for impactful solutions
consists of 5 parts:

Test the Water

Define the best way to reveal the problem. This can be a brainstorming session, a data analysis, or something entirely different. Every project is unique. Work with your relevant stakeholders to examine what is going on in society. We will creatively and actively map your needs.

Come Up With Solutions

During creative workshops, you analyse the problem and examine in which direction you want to go. The workshops are experimental spaces where we trigger participants to create solutions based on the specific nature of the problem.

Make It Tangible

Invite experts and stakeholders to clearly develop the solutions during workshops. The workshops are design spaces in which you translate the ideas into tangible prototypes and concepts.


Based on the products and systems that receive a positive evaluation, you develop pilot projects. Sometimes we introduce them on the market and they can be upscaled.

Measure Your Impact

Afterwards, you investigate whether the impact is successful and whether it has created additional value for the target audience and society. We look critically at what we do together to maximise your impact and learn lessons for future projects.

Our Modules

1. Trajectories

Long-term collaborations where we work together on developing innovative solutions for the social challenge your organisation is facing. E.g. Mantelzorghub

2. Training 

Workshop series and coaching to learn certain skills and methods. E.g. !FLab

3. Tools

Tools you can use with your target group to work on a certain theme. E.g. PeaceCraft

4. Workshops 

One-time workshop about one of our themes. E.g. Energylab

Our Topics

New Learning 

Ensure a livable future by investing in new skills and new, 21st-century learning methods.


Ensure a livable future for our planet.


Ensure a livable future in which everyone feels good and receives the care they need.

Global Development

Ensure a livable future by launching and supporting international initiatives.


Ensure a livable future in which the power of diversity is a central concept.

Community Building

Ensure a livable future by executing new connections in a regional and urban context.



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